ZEIN knitwear

About Us

The story of inspiration is about grace, charm, elegance, femininity, beauty, love, fragility, attitude, character, will... You, the woman who inspires change.

ZEIN Knitwear is the story of beautiful and capable women, women of creativity, movement and passion! The blue blood that is running through her veins urges 'ZEIN Woman' to bring the change upon the world, making it more delightful, compassionate and peaceful.
This is a biography of a different kind of aristocracy, written by you, the women who love and dignify the world they live in, the women who make it a better place by their presence.
This is a modern day saga of princesses and queens so delicate, affectionate and kind that they make a difference sometimes only by their presence.
The story of concept.
ZEIN knitwear is a creation of two ambitious sisters hence, handmade, uncompromised quality and time-honoured sense of fashion. This is ZEIN passion – greatness of simplicity.
Every garment is made by hand with the finest, most delicate yarn using long-established, century old methods and conventional tools. The delicacy of manufacture results in apparel chic enough for a ball and practical enough for a walk in the forest.
ZEIN knitwear is affection of love. Love begins with you, entity. When you attire yourself with a subtle, authentic and allure garments, your personality creates an environment where you are able to give openhandedly to the people who matter to you.
With ZEIN everything is attainable.
This is what we believe in and what we embrace.